On the 7th of June we will celebrate our next exhibition with Frédérique Domergue with an apero from 17h onwards.

Frédérique Domergue’s unique vision as well as her excellent mastering of her own techniques, create artworks where the earthly elements merge into atmospherical abstraction. Her main and infinite source of inspiration is in the nature particularly the sea. She explores the metal in its diversity and gives free rein to her imagination in small and very large wall panels. Part of the ingenuity of the Frédérique Domergue’s creativity relies on the use of the striking natural color palette drawn from the knowledgeable oxidation of noble metals that she perfects in a wealth of patinas.

We currently have an exhibition in the showroom by Cécile Kaiflyn. This exhibition will finish on the 2nd of June.

Cécile Kaiflyn is a Swiss artist born in Geneva. The project « Above The Horizon » is the continuation of her Chinese experience’s transcription process. Through her work, she attempts to establish links between Switzerland, her home country and China through art and tries to create a dialogue between opposite ways to paint from West to East.
She now explores the concept of replacing the outline with a volume representing the shape so she can substitute lines with matter and express motion like Chinese painters, through effects of volume and layering of Chinese ink, acrylic and golden pigments. To do so, she uses a Japanese saw named «Kataba». Its special design with a set of teeth of different sizes allows her to suppress the outline whilst adding some lines and therefore motion inside the shape. Switzerland, country of origin of the artist, is suggested under various forms in each of her paintings: the shape of the mountains, the cross that evokes the Swiss flag, the red colour. Many elements which symbolically unite both cultures. Visit the showroom to see her artworks.
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