READING, LITERARY COCKTAIL … An intimate evening with Jeanne Antebi reading extracts from “A FUN WOMAN” by Maryline Desbiolles

Saturday the 25th of May at 17h at Cabane Blanche.

This “massive woman all in black, without makeup, with her hair pulled and the black dress like a peasant girl”, is Zouc. Maryline Desbiolles discovered it one day on television, in the 70s. Since then, she never left her. Zouc, this strange actress, with a Swiss accent and a voice capable of rising very high in the treble when she indulges in one of her incarnations: on stage, she is both the capricious little girl , the exasperated mother, the schoolteacher, the peasant of the Jura … Zouc, funny to scare. Following her obsession, Maryline Desbiolles explores her own past. Memories of a Niçoise childhood – Place Masséna, classmates – but also Savoyard, with the countryside where she spent the holidays, strong smells, rabbits bleeding. And the portrait of her mother, this “funny woman”, so different from Zouc, and yet so close, like an inverted image. What is the feminine when it hides while showing off? …

The readings are part of a series of “INTIMES” events with listening, complicity, discoveries, proximity, meetings … Several actors, including Jean-Philippe Ecoffey, Marc Bodnar and Jeanne Antebi, read excerpts from the stories of today’s authors in different public places in the city and district of Nyon. Each appointment is followed by a delicious brunch!

Entry for reading / brunch (single price): CHF 20.

-You can buy tickets on-site (cash payment)