A historic house turned into a beautiful boutique hotel with art close to the heart..

The building that houses the Caffè dell’Arte dates back to the 15th century and is one of the historic structures in the ancient section of Locarno.

The Caffè dell’Arte was founded in 2003, on the ashes of an old tavern, combining style and elegance with the fascination of art, contributing to the rebirth of Locarno’s historic center.

The Bed and Breakfast Caffè dell’Arte was opened in 2007. The Bed and Breakfast started on the first floor with only two rooms and then grew to three and finally arrived at nine different rooms, all different from one another with unique names and designs.

The terrace is very cosy and in the reception area there is a nice little concept store with art and fashion. Dont miss out on the many cute shops in the area..

We were told not to go and eat in the restaurants by the lake, but instead explore the small hidden restaurants in the back and what a hidden treasure they were.

Delicious meals prepared with passion and love… ask the manager for all the secret places to go…