We hope you have started this new year well, despite the difficult circumstances. We would like to remind you that we are always here for you. Even if the showroom is not open
during normal hours, we welcome you there by appointment. For this, you can contact Katrine by phone at 022 362 27 42 or by e-mail at katrine@cabaneblanche.com.

Since January, we have expanded our selection of partner brands by working with many new companies, which we will introduce to you in the coming months. In addition, this spring 
we are expanding our exhibition space at Mountain Air in Verbier, in order to present more furniture and pieces of art.

Great news that illuminates the current situation!

We hope you are all doing well and staying positive.

Take care.
Katrine riekehr

Every week, we publish the photos taken by our customers on our Instagram and Facebook accounts in stories.

Sibast Furniture is a family business with a long history of wood furniture manufacturing dating back to 1908. Since 2013, the fourth generation has been handling it with the sameattention to detail, craftsmanship and quality as previous generations, while adding a contemporary perspective to create new design stories.

When purchasing a Sibast dining table, an extension is free. Choose between two black extensions for the Sibast No 2 and No 3 tables or one solid oak extension for the Sibast No 3table.