Le rideau by Adrien Golinelli CHF900.00
La Gare en Corée du Nord Adrien Golinelli CHF1,995.00

La photo est encadrées 60cm x 50cm en bois noir

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We have the pleasure to present the serie of photos “Ordos” by Adrien Golinelli.

Born 1987 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Studied humanities in Geneva and Tokyo, Japan.

Prix Paris Photo Jeunes Talents 2012

Sélection Voix Off Arles 2013

Ted Talk at Tedx Paris 2014

Started photography at age 18 while travelling alone from Geneva to Japan, by foot and public transports. The 26 months journey brought him through the Balkans, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Tibet, China and Siberia, where Adrien used a tiny analog camera. He now uses mostly his Rolleiflex medium format analog camera.

In 2012 he won international recognition with his work on North Korea, for which he received the Paris Photo award, and subsequently published by La Martinière. In 2015 Kehrer Editors published his second book, Ordos

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