Floor lamp. Bestlite BL3S CHF885.00
Floor Lamp. Grossman CHF695.00

The re-launch of this iconic lamp involves a return to the original Bellevue shape in three styles: the floor lamp, desk lamp and wall lamp. To enhance their appeal in a contemporary setting are new colours and a mix of materials: satin polished brass and versions mixing black, ivory or grey beige with brass.

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Key to Bellevue is the 45-degree cut shade, enabling the lamp to direct the light without excessive glare. The shape of the shade echoes the de- sign of his beloved Bellevue Petrol Station and continued to appear as a signature design element in Jacobsen’s subsequent designs. The slender swan-neck allows the lamp to bend in any direction to optimise its use for a home of ce, to illuminate a corner or as a reading lamp.

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