CH23 Chair by Hans J. Wegner CHF880.00
White and Purple Color Field Painting by Charlotte Culot CHF4,000.00

Beautiful and strong colors of red and turquoise tones. Gouache on canvas by Charlotte Culot.

“In my artist’s toolbox there are gouaches that I make with pigments; paper; glue, and scissors. Working with gouache I find myself seduced by its density and opaqueness, its almost immediate luminosity. Assembled they find their rightful place in a “cosmos” (order). In trying to create a free space, structured, open and complete; the color allows me to move forwards to share a source of Energy. I construct my painting like architecture. Beneath the seemingly ordered forms there is a creative “chaos”: rough outlines and strokes cast “at random”. This will then be partially or totally covered by coloured paper.

Mixed Media on Canvas 80 x 40 cm

This artwork is currently exhibited in the Nyon showroom.

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