Sonata by Sabine Leclercq Haanes CHF1,900.00
Lost in Thought by Sabine Leclercq Haanes CHF750.00

When you look at sand, you realize that it is never one unique color. Sand is a conglomeration of all kinds of minerals and particles. It is loose, granular and can appear as pale yellow, light brown, cream, buff, ecru, fawn or even khaki. And sandstone, or chalk, is a sedimentary rock made up of sand. In this work, I tried to connect loose sand and solid sandstone. Sandstone is composed of sand-sized mineral or rock fragments, or in other words sand cemented. I aimed to capture that incredible mix of tints and casts that you can see when you stare at sand long enough.

Acrylic, Ink, Natural pigments. 120 X 100 x 4 cm

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Fascinated by the power of colors and painting as an expression of freedom and happiness, Sabine Leclercq Haanæs is a Belgian artist who felt the need to paint to visually represent what she felt more than ten years ago.

Contrary to the rigor of her education and her professional experiences, Sabine’s works translate freedom and spontaneity, mixing nuances and textures in an agile quest for aesthetics and emotion. She paints to express herself and likes to make different materials work together harmoniously. She refuses to limit her creation to a single type of paint or tool and uses multiple and non-traditional materials and techniques. His inspiration comes from the contrast of environments, impulsive impressions and his unique interpretation of color.

Sabine paints on large canvases with a wide range of materials, including acrylic paints, natural pigments, inks, sprays and tools such as spatulas, sponges or scrapers. She plays on the interaction of these materials by combining shades and transparency with a wide range of colors to create a free and energetic art. His works have been exhibited and sold in Norway and Switzerland and are part of private collections throughout Europe.

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