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The refined barstool takes its origin from the timeless Sibast No 7 dining chair designed in 1953 by Helge Sibast and pays homage to the lines and the spirit of the Danish Modern movement from a contemporary perspective. The barstool was conceived in a close collaboration between the New York-based Danish designer Marcus Hannibal and Anna and Ditlev Sibast.

Using the unique details from the Sibast No 7, such as the large moulded backrest and the tapered back legs, the dining chair has been transformed into the bold and generous Sibast No 7 barstool. The upholstered seat and large backrest make the barstool exceptionally comfortable. It comes in two heights and fits perfectly into private residences as well as restaurants, bars and hotels.

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Designer: Anna & Ditlev Sibast
Year of design origin: 2017 inspired by Sibast No 7 from 1953
Origin: Made in Denmark
Material: Solid Oak
Upholstery: Leather/Wool


Delivery time: 4-5 weeks

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