Tires by Vincent Levrat CHF1,200.00
Nail by Vincent Levrat CHF1,200.00

Vincent Levrat, born in 1992 in Friborg (CH), lives and works in Paris. After studying at the school of photography in Vevey, he continued his studies at ECAL where he graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in photography. His work was exhibited in various group exhibitions, including the Photoforum Pasquart prize in Switzerland in 2018, the swiss design award in 2019 and the fashion, photography and accessory festival at the Villa Noailles in Hyères. 2019.

The photo is printed with Inkjet on Canson Plantine paper. Counter stick on aluminum steel frame 45 x 60cm

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Outburst – project description

The vacant lots, because of their emptiness and lack of function, prove to be unsympathetic to social norms. They would thus represent spaces of freedom. From this observation came the desire to lead a life experience on a vacant lot, thus making this space an open-air studio. It becomes a playground where we celebrate physical experimentation, materiality, a territory to escape the virtual and technological world.

Wanting to make a return to a form of simplicity, the naive desire to make a “Tabula rasa” is reminiscent of a form of rebellion. Building to destroy – everything is related to physical and intuitive experience, certainly somewhat absurd, but decidedly childish. In the void it can evoke, the vacant lot is actually a reservoir of poor forms and materials. An economy of means which, when nourished by the virtue of infantile naivety, makes it possible to consider these materials as the essence of various games and constructions.

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