Astrid Gränicher, who is danish living in Switzerland had kindly invited our family to pass by at the winery for a tasting and see how her products, that she has bought at Cabane Blanche made her terrace and the winery look very cosy and welcoming.
Astrid had married a wine maker in Tartegnin close to Rolle and was living in the middle of the vinyards in beautiful settings.
The Domaine de Penloup consists of 8 acres (32 000 m2) and is situated at the heights of the village Tartegnin, surrounded by vineyards and with a beautiful view overlooking the lake of Genevea “Lac Leman”. The domaine has been owned by the Gränicher family since 1983.
There are more than 10 varieties of grapes cultivated at the Domaine. From Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay to Gamaret and Merlot. The winery uses varied and innovative methods in order to ensure the highest quality of wine with a respect of and a protection and preservation of the land around, never forgetting the identity of each soil.
The wolf or “loup” which is presented in both the name of the domaine and in the logo of the wine, is linked to an old tale, recalling that when wolves were still present in our region, the last living wolf was captured on their property. Hence the term ‘Penloup’ which was then given to the Domaine.
I can recommend a visit to this nice place and we liked especially the premier grand cru white wine..
don’t miss out either the natural chasselas coming from an organice parcel. No additive, no filtration, 100 % authentic..
They were charming and lovely people and we ended up spending a few hours on the terrace.