Shadow by Sabine Leclercq Haanes

In Shadow, I wanted to capture all those feelings and concepts which shadows can transmit, many which are contradictory– sequence, connections, duplicity, contrasts, bold, clear, light and mystery. I kept the main part of the canvas black. It serves as my dramatic backdrop, the host to where my light colors are projected, shades that produce a soothing silhouette. I used white, grey, olive, brown, beige and other tones to provide an image of light being blocked. Shadows can be complex and multi-colored, and this is what I sought to paint, a sfumato or chiaroscuro play of complicated dark and light, opposites, yet terribly connected and interdependent. In the end, the shadow took over the canvas.

Styles: Modern Abstract contemporary

Acrylic Spray Paint, Ink on Canvas 100 x 80 x 6 cm – Framed

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