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Grises Mélinda Infante

Melinda Infante , born in 1994 , lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland.

Intimate artist .

During her studies in the medical field, she developed her own artistic style.

Melinda Infante considers her art as an extension of her studies: transferring her moments spent in the birth room onto her work.

She began working on ficus husk paper, which she transferred and repeated on various supports, this natural motif reminded her of cell division, stem cells .

The works echo the native environment from which the artist draws her inspiration.

Thus was born her proposal, her series of works that she calls – be a drop – the abyss of a drop that multiplies until it forms the magic of the human.

Melinda starts to show her work in her studio but also through the networks and succeeds in reaching a large national and international public

Technique: papier fait main, acrylique

60×80 cm


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