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Eternel été 2022 Naomi Cachot-Gallay


“In her representations of the human form, Naomi Gallay transcends the boundaries
of classical portraiture and gestural abstraction. Paint, applied in angular patches, develops into a visually pleasing series of works that capture a languid yet elegant mood.

Gallay’s work is really pleasing to look at: beautiful colour palettes and bold geometric shapes become refined youthful figures who are often reclining, sunlight illuminating their facies. Yet under these deceptively placid painterly surfaces lies a commentary on social constructs, on identity and race. Gallay explores our perception of race through her use of abstracted forms and tonal contrast—often using multiple skin tones to create the complexion of one figure. To make works that speak to the socio-cultural moment without feeling forced or overly political is no easy feat, and Gallay succeeds at doing just this.»

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